Hire Fast with Asynchronous Video Interviews

Efficiently streamline your hiring process with comprehensive, asynchronous video interviews for thorough candidate evaluation.

How It Works
Float positions, and share with candidates
Create Postions
Easily create positions tailored to your specific hiring needs.
Add Interview Questions
Customize and add interview questions to evaluate candidates effectively.
Share with Candidates
Seamlessly share interview links with candidates for completion at their convenience.
Review & Shortlist
Review the response shared by candidates and shortlist them based on their answers.
Everything you need
Comprehensive tools and resources to support your entire hiring process from start to finish.
Asynchronously get responses for every Job Position
Monitor the progress of your hiring projects in real-time for better decision-making. A transcript of candidate video is autogenerated for your help.
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Awesome Features
Advanced tools and functionalities designed to enhance your hiring process.
Customizable Questions
Tailor interview questions to fit specific roles.
Secure Video Storage
Safely store interview recordings for future reference.
Detailed Feedback
Receive comprehensive feedback on each candidate.
User Review & Feedback
Gather valuable insights and feedback from users to continually improve and refine your hiring process.
Priya S.
Marketing Coordinator
"Using HireFast has transformed our recruitment process. The detailed feedback and video recordings are invaluable!"
Rahul K.
Talent Acquisition Manager
"HireFast's asynchronous interviews save us so much time. The process is seamless and the results are top-notch."
Anjali M.
"Fantastic service! The feedback and analysis provided by HireFast have helped us make better hiring decisions."
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